Life As A Writer

Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.


I’m bitter because you don’t understand. Yes, I am frightened, I’m scared the whole time I was here, I feared that she would go. I had nightmares of her dying, and in those dreams I spent my entire life figuring out how to bring her back to life; alchemy, chemistry, magic, whatever it took. They told me to move on, but they didn’t know what it was like laying eyes on her for the very first time. I felt my entire existence was made just for this moment when I kissed her.
Michael Daaboul
I didn’t know. She came to me full of enthusiasm. She was in love. She looked at me in a way that made me feel like I was the most important person on the planet. She was mine. I could have held her, I could of conquered foreign places with her, and I could have been the one she thought about. I was too naïve, I wasn’t thinking about her, I was thinking about everything else. She’s gone now, and just like that, the cruelty of understanding how selfish I am, was made clear to me.
Michael Daaboul
There’s so much noise in my mind. So much of it is when I’m in silence, when I want to sleep or when I want to dream. The voices, the loud radio signals and visions won’t rest. I overthink in reality and I overthink when I’m in bed. I can’t decide on what I need to do; whether it’s right, wrong, or if I’m even on the right path. I spend far too long and too much overthinking, overthinking. You could almost call it a chronic disease; an overthinking madness disguising my good decisions and sanity.
Michael Daaboul

What you are to me is what the wind is to a runner’s hair.

You are what words are to a writer.

You are what the stage is to a performer.

You are what the Sun is to the Moon.

You are what light is to the darkness.

What you are to me is a beacon of light, without you, I’m lost.

Michael Daaboul
I want you to know that I will not push you, I will not force you. I have no control over your decisions or your choices. It’s your life, and the path you take is entirely up to you. I can love you, I can play every note on every instrument to express what I feel for you and I can write in every language of what my heart sings for you if you don’t understand my complex emotions. I’ll show you, I’ll hold you, I’ll be by your side, but, I will not push you away.
Michael Daaboul

Lie To Me

Student: Why do people say things they don't mean?
Teacher: To be nice, maybe, it’s a little bit of respect.
Student: People are mean anyway! If they don’t mean it, I don’t think that’s worthy of respect.
Teacher: Some people speak their mind though.
Student: Will the world be a better place if people did speak their mind?
Teacher: Probably not.
Excerpt from Humans Are Programs By Michael Daaboul
Have you seen the way he looks at her? I have never seen him look at another person like this before. It’s almost as if in the day the Sun reflects off his eyes and into hers, before nightfall, the sunset sinks beside their hearts. You have to see what happens at midnight, the Moon looms right behind them. I have never seen that before. It’s funny because, he always used to say to me, wait, it doesn’t come often; magic, but when it does you will know that’s what you have been looking for this entire time.
Michael Daaboul
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