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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.


We tend to fear failure because we let our insecurities and flaws take over. The danger here is, sometimes this becomes a reality. If you let insecurities get the better of you, you have every reason to fear. Everyone has insecurities; it depends on how you beat them before it takes the upper hand.
Michael Daaboul
I climbed the tallest tree I could find and jumped. I thought, if I jumped high enough, I would fall through space and land in your arms again. I would whisper in your ear, that I’m still here.
Michael Daaboul
Wait for me by the sea, where our eyes meet and the waves retreat. Find me when it’s dark and cold, where bold men weep and young ladies fall deep. I will sweep you off your feet, kiss your sweet lips and wait for you to open your eyes and say you’re mine.
Michael Daaboul
Then I found out you existed and I couldn’t enjoy life anymore. It took one pull at my heart strings and now I’m clinically obsessed, mentally ill and addicted. I was thinking about admitting myself for therapy, but I can’t go through the torture of talking about you in every session. I’m going to write you a letter and see if you feel the same. If you do, I won’t have to kill myself and be a creep by following you everywhere you go. Instead, I can do all of that legally and you would find it cute.
Michael Daaboul

You’re the Mirror and She’s the Beauty

She was miserable all the time; she would be nasty and cold to me.

Now that I think about it, every time we had a fight, I would get even angrier. I wouldn’t just hug her or say nice things; I guess I had too much pride, maybe I wanted her to sympathise with me. Like hey, I’m hurt with what you said, maybe I needed you to be the better person and hold me?

Both of us took the role of wanting sympathy, but no one wanted to cuddle or hug, in a time where we both needed it.

She was a reflection of me. If I loved her the way she deserved, she would have done the same.

When I was the mirror looking at her, she was the beauty. When she woke up in the morning, she will see herself in me. When I was miserable, not attending to her emotions or showing purpose; that’s what she saw.

She didn’t see love, how was she supposed to reflect it back?

She wasn’t beautiful anymore because I had reflected what she didn’t want to see.

It was a wakeup call trying to work out what I was taught when I was younger wouldn’t get me very far. What they teach you isn’t necessarily what you need to know, but foundations for your morals and values. After that, you learn to walk on Earth. You make mistakes and try to doge heavy bullets. One day you get shot right through the heart and learn the greatest lesson in your life.
Michael Daaboul
It gets pretty hard you know. You get sick physically and mentality. You have problems at work and your personal life seems to take a hit because everything else is falling apart. This is the time where you need support. You can easily put on a lot of weight or become very thin. You’re in danger of breaking down and you start to cry. You won’t be happy in this time, your health suffers and sometimes you feel like you don’t know what to do, with no one there to help you.
Michael Daaboul
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