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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

planet of souls

It has the chance to feel, think and realise where it had been for all this time. The feeling of existing without knowing it has been existing for an eternity.
Planet of Souls (Part 16) - Michael Daaboul
Without knowing, without anyone knowing that you or anyone else is here, silent and sleeping. While the rest are fading, it’s punishment that those who were floating found a way to sift through the barrier, an entity gone rouge.
Planet of Souls (Part 15) - Michael Daaboul
But it’s my bliss as much as my despair. I have escaped the shackles of emotions and thoughts. I am free of pain, free of being human. I have returned to the state of existing, the state of existing where you’re not aware, but living in total bliss. For a moment, that never ending moment, you’re free of disease, hunger and responsibility.
Planet of Souls (Part 14) - Michael Daaboul
And through this all I have lost the ability to dream. During the nights where I sleep, I awake in darkness, like a wandering goldfish swimming in the darkest part of a never ending bowl. In this darkness, there’s nothing, and the further I fade away, I’m not aware that I am in darkness.
Planet of Souls (Part 13) - Michael Daaboul
In spite of the murky concrete floors and dark shadows, this cell represents a capsule of my ruin. This planet was my home before being struck by unforeseen deception, like a faithful companion leaving you mentally shell-shocked after a sucker punch straight for the abdomen inducing that familiar sick feeling. That pompous fool of a companion was the cause of my sickness, a coward in hiding bought my demise. There I lay, while the smell of corps and raging madness evaporated into my lungs. The cracked walls around me revealed life’s rotten core with no end in sight.
Planet of Souls (Part 12) - Michael Daaboul
They keep you alive for reasons unknown, they lie often and memories have abandoned you. They took your brain because they knew you enjoyed throwing yourself in creative thought. You didn’t survive, but they found a way to hack into your soul. You have no smile; they erased this beautiful trait of yours and instead replaced it with sadness. They left your heart so you can feel torture. In this moment the monsters are not so different than you and I, but there is something rotten in this world when they keep you alive, when you’re already dead.
Planet of Souls (Part 11) - Michael Daaboul
It didn’t have to end this way. Closing doors, pretenders and deception, you wake up defenceless and the cold outside feels welcoming. You smile at the mirror to know that you’re still able to give one. You wanted a sign, something to tell you that you can still live a life that’s truly remarkable. Being alone and the fear to carry on is overbearing and it’s a heavy burden for you. Your blanket is surrounding you as you walk the nights; you hold the ends tightly, as if you were yearning for hands to hold on to.
Planet of Souls (Part 9) - Michael Daaboul
Blinded by whispers, some whispers cleverly designed by your consciousness that you refused to hear anything else. Real truths started to disappear and fake events in time replaced what you really knew. Your eyes showed you many lies and in your mind, you created a world that was only true to you. You thought it was better to believe a lie made by yourself than to believe lies fed to you by strangers.
Planet of Souls (Part 8) - Michael Daaboul
Your steady heartbeat ignored the danger, without eyes, you were brave and ventured out into the vicious world without a single beat missed. You like it here, a world imagined with the threads crafted to your liking. With every human being that tries to get close to you, that thread unwinding, your heart sends alarming palpitations. You’re scared that someone is trying to pull down your walls. You don’t let them in because you like the smoothing sound of calm than the wrenching choking of a broken heart. You stitch up your world and wander alone again.
Planet of Souls (Part 7) - Michael Daaboul
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