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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

kiss the sky

kiss the sky (part 2)

(Read Part 1 HERE)

I’m surprised about one thing though, you never listened to me. When everything was shown to you before, I just wanted you to be with me.

It is hard to think I even wanted you anymore, not when you couldn’t recognise how I used to be.

You left a note while I was gone clearing my mind from the dust. It was like a lyric extract from a song, which was no surprise, we used to always rhyme:

"I commit all of my time and day
Put all my words and what I feel for you
Out every second that went astray

I didn’t think that you could control me this way
But you tried to test me anyway

How you grew so far away from me
I feel like you didn’t take the time and day

You didn’t even see

How I committed myself to you in every single way

It’s like I was trapped never to be set free

Sometimes I feel like this won’t go away
Screaming in my soul like I had nowhere to go
I shouldn’t have trusted you anyway

Stuck in disbelief I should have known when to go
I shouldn’t have let you in
Somehow your heart is made of stone
I’m not the one that likes to sin
This time I’d rather be alone”

I told the wind that day it is because I wanted to feel what it is like, for once, to be me.

kiss the sky (part 1)

With all the stress I forget to breathe, I didn’t think I will live this way.

Sometimes I refuse to go away, if I couldn’t see it my friend, how slowly they took you away.

What used to remain before the day turned into night, all I knew that you were my friend, even after the main part was gone, how light turned into the darkness, somehow I saw how this would end. 

I feel the pain when I hear your name, I tried to let you out of my mind. Nothing can distract me when it is the same kind of thing everyday.

I took a long walk outside; they say long walks clear the mind. No clouds in the sky to kiss the ocean that day.

I wanted to put you away, what I hated inside of me, I wanted to set it free and I told the wind it is because I wanted to feel what it is like, for once, to be me.

Our last breath, we know how valuable it will be. Time itself believes how a memory will fade.

Birds flying in the sky, everything feels so unreal in different shades … nothing really lasts forever.

I knew I had it coming, which is why I stayed so low. You walk along the city streets, watching if your shadow is being followed, my eyes crawling to the back of my head, anxiously waiting to get home.

I didn’t even realise how close you were … just in the same way I didn’t realise how I watched you go.

(to be continued …)