Life As A Writer

Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.


Once Upon a Time

There was a blog. Not just any blog, but a blog that is aware of its surroundings. It moves while you’re not looking at your computer screen. It whispers to your keyboard while you sleep. It listens while you weep.

You’re not mistaken. You have managed to stumble upon this blog to learn more about the ‘universe’ around you that we have labelled as life.

It’s my goal to provide you with vast amounts of content (images and words, mostly words) that communicate a scene that is rather obscene and recognisable. This blog is created for a purpose, and a purpose that seems fit enough to exercise in the manner that it has been. What will be included in this blog is not for everyone, nor would I have wanted it to be (but I challenge you to be different enough to understand what is written). There would always be a set few that float endlessly on this planet that could appreciate and think beyond the realms that constrict their reality. This blog is designed to go beyond your imagination and look back into your soul.

You will find a series of lingering short stories, lyrics, poems, quotes, statements, thoughts, words, letters, images, pictures, noise, sounds, music, silence and colour. Those elements might not appear in that particular order, they might not ever appear at all.

I have put together a spiralling tidal wave of thoughts to craft a new type of story, your story.

I advise you to put on your rose-coloured glasses, with your half empty cup of your favourite drink and set your mind to zer0 as your eyes curiously read preceding sentences that reflect your past, everyone’s present and someone else’s future.

This is a project. It might fail, I would imagine it will. However, I plan to start a following, a ‘fan base’, for if I ever become a published author in the not too distant future, I can reward you for your support. The reward will be a book. A book that you will like. I can not promise you will like it, but if you have managed to read this far, I will not doubt you.

Enjoy your time here. No one will know you’re reading, not many people will really care. It’s quiet, but your imagination will be loud enough for you to smile as your eyes move aimlessly and dance with the words on my blog.

Stay tuned!