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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

Writer: A relationship filled with love, he dies and she was looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him. So years go by and she moves on finally, gets married and has kids but she still misses him every day and wonders what it would have been like if he was still alive. I don’t know, maybe to hold him for one more time, to feel that happiness once again.
Excerpt from 60 Thousand Words In 3 Sentences By Michael Daaboul

I looked up to see the birds, but one was lying on the tree branch. The other bird was close by the other bird’s side. It seemed sad. It might have died, I don’t know. I stayed there for hours. The Sun was close to setting, it was getting late. No bird made any movement, but one was clearly alive. She was alive. Apparently, it was all instinct it seemed. The bird didn’t know he died, but it just laid there with him … not moving.

I’m not a morning person anymore, because I realised that she would never sing again without him.

Excerpt from A Bird’s Feeling By Michael Daaboul
I couldn’t help but notice how cheerful the sound the birds made. It was like they were happy. It made me smile in the mornings; it was always such a great start to the day. I had always wondered if birds showed emotion or felt it at the very least. They just sounded so glad to see the morning greet them in such a spectacular fashion to be merely instinct.
Excerpt from A Bird’s Feeling By Michael Daaboul
It doesn’t matter that you died, it doesn’t matter that you had no clothes on and it doesn’t even matter that the Sun was burning you. All that mattered was that you were walking and you were left to walk this path alone.
Excerpt from Abandoned By Michael Daaboul
I can see the river’s empty soul like looking through a window; I can hear a faint echo of desperation and struggle which sounded more like demons screams through the depths of hell. It’s as if the river is drying up, the water drowning and the sense of existence is fading away.
Excerpt from The River Scene in Reverse By Michael Daaboul

You Can Lie and Say That You Care

So I would rather sleep
Rather than being awake
Should I care should I not care at all
I rather not ask if asking is what I need

So I feel how this should be
Thinking about guessing how I should
Want to be or need or needing to be … loved
You can lie and say that you care

But I would rather sleep so I don’t feel
How can’t I feel when I’m in so deep
So when you go I may want you dead
Because I would rather feel
That no one else can have you

So I would rather sleep
And dream of a world
Where you are
So I would care
And feel like you still care
About me

Sometimes I feel
That nothing has changed
And you can tell me
What part of me you need

Everyday Pill (New Year Special: 2014)

It’s quite eye opening when you realise how fast time goes whether you’re working, keeping yourself busy or waiting for the weekend. In one aspect, the weekend seems so far away, but when it arrives, I feel as if time has jumped the queue.

Where has all the time literally gone? I know how I spent it, I can create a time map and it all makes sense, but it doesn’t feel meaningful. It seems as much as time likes to run with the wind caressing its hair, in life, it can stand still.

After a good conversation with the important people in your life, after listening to a great song, attending a function or playing a great video game, you’re left with an experience.

So I measure the happiness that these ‘experiences’ provide to me. My measurement relies on my memory, which is x amount of years on this Earth being my sample size. I can recall the experiences, one by one, but it’s a shadow of its former self. The feeling is as saturated as the memory.

Like medicine, does time need an everyday pill to provide the level of fulfilment? My experience and happiness is formed by that moment which is now overshadowed by its expiry. Quite empty in the present time.

The further time runs along the time map, the further the meaning depreciates. Our species have a biological drive for producing, and by understanding what this means, explains our experience and this fading feeling.

Can you enjoy a movie, a conversation, dinner or travel on your own? You can, but are you forming an experience which caters to our species biological role for happiness?

It’s not as complex AS it sounds. Just the way it is and the level of difficulty.

Solitude isn’t a final form, it’s neither here or there. Your experiences intemperately rely on companionship, your relationships, marriages, families, boyfriends, girlfriends and close friendships. Some relationships are complimentary, others are indispensable that make your heart beat.

Whether it’s creating a purpose or catering to our biological needs, our livelihood requires lasting, ongoing experiences and happiness.

As fast as time is going, if our withering memory isn’t reminded why we’re really here, it’s as if time is standing still … and then, we die.

My body can’t take it here, the gravity, the stress, the people and, especially the emotions. It takes a toll, so I’ll eventually die from this heaven and fade away into reality.

Within death, that’s reality she thought.

Excerpt from Castle Mountain By Michael Daaboul

the last poem

Live to forget and read the last poem you will ever read and remember that on your deathbed, you will have a cosmic collision of your life.

A life that you will repeat and experience again. A cycle of space and time where you will see there’s no past and no future, you will be somewhere between the present repeating in an infinite number of times. Swirled upon moving ridges and being spat out to the same life, same universe and experiencing more of the same in a constant, invisible melody for eternity.

If to you gentlewoman, that death is the end, than the beginning has yet to occur.

She never thought that he would get her a present on her birthday. In the car crash they found the remains of wrapping paper and the leftovers of a birthday card that said, ‘I miss you …’
Excerpt from Birthday Remains By Michael Daaboul

v354 cephei

Being adrift through space, wandering for eternity, and I have yet to come in contact with anyone else like me. We were really alone in this massive gulf. Such a pointless existence not to have shared galactic wonder with other species.

I lay dormant and thwarted.

Disappointed and frustrated with the silence. Locked inside a mammoth hole, this mammoth desolation. This act of desperation merely made a validation of the vulnerability of the human condition. Predisposed to triggers and forms of ravaging malice had often destroyed hope of finding a temporary solution to the pain.

In space I wander if I will discover freedom for the human race as they have now lost all hope for salvation and I have been travelling here, in empty wonder and loneliness for eons.

I have not recorded much in my log if I were to be found dead no one will know of the struggle our civilization had to endure. With the passing of asteroids and beautiful, dark planets, I can conclude that I will drift endlessly through a passing vacuum of time.

I can conclude, for certainty, no further discoveries had been made to aide our helpless attempts of longevity. As my coordinates are set for V354 Cephei, I will return to the stars a broken man, with broken aspirations in one final attempt to find an answer worth dying for.

Death has no limitations; it just takes what it wants, when it wants. It’s not embarrassed that it might fail, it’s not fearful of anything; it has no expectations but one goal in mind. We don’t have to be any different towards that mindset.
Excerpt from Never Settle for Second Best! By Michael Daaboul
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