Life As A Writer

Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

creative media

sell yourself (master’s personal statement special)

(How would you benefit from this course? Why are you interested?)

Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing) will enable me to explore a field of study that has occupied my thoughts and progressively, infiltrated my subconscious for a long period of time now.

(Do you have any background information or education that showcases your interest? How about proven ability? This is a good time to include it now.)

After completing my 4 year undergraduate degree in Multimedia Systems, I have tasted the narrative hunger in courses such as: Content Design Project, Design for Interactive Media 3 and most notably, Writing Angles: Popular and Professional. My burning desire evolved and grew to new heights while completing the latter. A score of 86 (HD) was achieved for this particular course, which made Writing Angles the highest scoring subject currently on my academic transcript.

(You’re applying for a ‘writing’ course, why not use some narrative to help strengthen your desire?)

Writing Angles: Popular and Professional installed a wave of ideas and concentrated my understanding of writing through one channel. The course opened up different fields of creative analysis in my mind and aided my focus to craft a series of written work.

(Why do you like to write? Where have you written? What makes your writing significantly more interesting compared to other candidates?)

I have consistently used some form of narrative in my designs to accurately deliver a story that not only engages the reader, but sends their minds through a captivating journey back in time that pinpoints moments of epiphany. I write constantly, trying to find the answers to what philosophers have been trying to find in life. It is an endless engagement to find words that bring new meaning to storytelling. A way of relating, the source of comfort, writing gives the imagination an image for a world that words orchestrated to define a motion picture to animate in a still mind. Within my writing, I strive for the same blueprint and I only need to remember that to spawn inspiration.

(Consolidate your desire! Plead for a chance to see how bright you can shine.)

I decided that I need to take the road that leads into the world of creative writing. It is not only the next level I can take in terms of increasing the magnitude of my career prospects in narrative media, but it is the next step that I need to feed my personal development in the world of writing. I feel a perpetual stream of motivation and passion that I believe will play an important role for me to advance if given the opportunity to do so.

Another requirement needed to get into Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing) at RMIT University in 2009, this time a personal statement was required. There’s a few tips to follow when you’re writing your own as I have highlighted throughout mine just above my submission. Please treat this with respect as this is the original wording, like before, I have no problems sharing this with you as long as it’s respected.
- Michael Daaboul

the offset (master’s project proposal special)

Taking a more philosophical approach to my writing, I want to explore the fundamentals of life through a different perspective. Narrowing down the essence of existence of human beings and analysing the possibilities for possible answers.

Either a series of abstract short stories or a novel based on the different emotions, behaviours and exact thoughts of everyday events and human psychology. An emphasis on appreciation and what is often left unnoticed because of the busy life routine.

This could also take a form of conversations between two characters asking questions and exploring answers about time, love, good vs. bad, various emotions, how people think in certain situations, death etc.

The novel will be a non-fiction debate over questions of life that are thought provoking and not obvious. They could spark from walking into town and viewing the surrounding and explaining and debating how all the strange things go neglected; the blind spot for everyday wanders that live there.

Research will need to be done on the psychology of different types of emotions and behaviour, concepts in philosophy and observing human interaction between social gatherings and other crowd populated areas.

One of the requirements needed to get into Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing) at RMIT University, a project proposal was needed to be submitted. This was mine back in 2009. I have no problems sharing this with you.
- Michael Daaboul