Philosopher: The weather doesn’t change.
Meteorologist: It was raining yesterday and today, it’s sunny. That’s a change.
Philosopher: What makes it change?
Meteorologist: A rotating Earth, the Sun, the poles and the equator. Rising air and mountains, all play some part in the change of weather.
Philosopher: I still don’t see how the weather changes.
Meteorologist: I don’t see how you can’t see. It’s sunny outside and yesterday it was raining, explain how that’s not a change in weather?
Philosopher: Weather is constant. No end rotating over the planet. Showing different emotions from when it’s saddened by unfortunate events and felicitous by miracles.
Meteorologist: You see weather as one constant force?
Philosopher: I see weather as a reflection of humanity. It’s coloured by our state of mind, wandering aimlessly, covering nations, but not lost, never changing, but one continuous epic, the play of life.
Meteorologist: I see your point. However, there is a change of ‘emotion’ every day.
Philosopher: A change of the weather’s emotion, different states, but the same weather nevertheless.
Meteorologist: If you were reading the forecast to viewers all around the world, would you say today the weather is constant and tomorrow, constant with a change of emotion and in fact, every other day following?
Philosopher: That would be ideal.
Meteorologist: Rubbish! That’s never going to happen.
Philosopher: I would say, for summer, the weather is going to be happy for a long time, but there will be times of frustration and anger. You will have to try and cope. This season and the rest will be a reflection of our state of mind.
Meteorologist: That’s never going to be useful for anyone. It’s absurd.
Philosopher: There will be someone. It’s giving meaning to a force people have noticed in silence.