humans are programs

Student: What’s the point of conversation?
Teacher: What type of conversation are you talking about?
Student: When people speak to each other.
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: I feel like a computer program sometimes. Every day I say to the same people, hi, how are you? To which I get a reply with, good, how are you? I then say good thanks and the cycle just repeats. Even with strangers, I don’t care how they are; I haven’t even met them before that moment.
Teacher: And what is wrong with that?
Student: I don't feel like saying, hi, how are you? anymore. I really don't care to tell you the truth.
Teacher: Well, it’s like we are programmed to be polite.
Student: Why?
Teacher: It keeps order to some extent.
Student: Why do people say things they don't mean?
Teacher: To be nice, maybe, it’s a little bit of respect.
Student: People are mean anyway! If they don’t mean it, I don’t think that’s worthy of respect.
Teacher: Some people speak their mind though.
Student: Will the world be a better place if people did speak their mind?
Teacher: Probably not.