About Me

Life As A Writer is a quiet place where I come to write mostly. It’s made up of squares that contain pieces of your heart and pretty design snapshots.

I believe in magic; what’s left of it anyway. My writing tries to hold on to nostalgia and attempts to explain why we’re broken. Even though, you will find me quoting part of my motto of letting things go.

I write about life’s stream of consciousness. I have interesting friends like the wind who has a soothing voice, the tree when it has something to say, the silent rock by the shore that often weeps, the languishing heart that’s always wanting to break and a mime who wants to speak. They all sound something like me.

I do wander in the cosmos to get away from the noise and ponder in space. I drink empty cups of philosophy that never cures the thirst for love or make me drunk enough.

Emotion is beautiful and emotion will unfortunately break you. It will destroy you. It will beat you in ways you could never imagine. Every time it does, I promise you, you will grow, you will evolve, every single time. Don’t be afraid. What’s more important to you is how you continue to get back up and move forward. If you can’t find hope, or when the weight of the world is too much to bare, just believe.

I appreciate that your eyes have got this far. I’m made humble by your likes, reblogs, comments and messages.

Thank you for reading.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to use any of my work on your site, please credit my name with the blog’s name as well. Under no circumstances can you edit the work!

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