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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Creative/Digital Designer & Writer.

Often listening to good advice can save your soul. When you’re looking for someone to save you & it’s not a viable option, look for words. After all, all we have are words.
Michael Daaboul

I just need someone to talk to. Have that company that I haven’t received for a long time now. I mean, I get lonely, is what I’m doing wrong? I am just searching for company. Someone to have a cup of coffee with, maybe go see a movie every now and again. That is all I’m really after.

I always thought I would spend my life with that special someone that I could do anything with. Have my other half on my bed, which is now a bedroom that is mostly empty at night.

Do you want to meet up tomorrow? We could get coffee and see what the day brings?

Hear from you soon.

Excerpt from Amongst the Flies (Working Title) By Michael Daaboul

Love Lies Bleeding: Firestorm (Christmas Special 2013)

Boy: What do you think love is all about?
Girl: I think it's a lot of hard work.
Boy: Oh, hard work doesn't sound too appealing.
Girl: You know, it shouldn't be though.
Boy: Why do you say that?
Girl: Real love is almost unconditional. Otherwise, I don't think it’s called love.
Boy: People fall out of love, or so I heard.
Girl: I don't think they fall out of love, they just stop meeting each other in their hearts.
Boy: Why?
Girl: It's not real love.
Boy: What's real love then?
Girl: Love is a battle and you need someone who is going to be on your team. I really mean it though, you need someone who really is going to help you fight so much and never, ever leave you behind. No matter how pathetic you seem, no matter what you do.
Boy: Can you lose a battle?
Girl: You can, but that doesn't mean that someone is lost too!
Boy: What happens to them?
Girl: I don't care if we're outnumbered by a million to two. I don't care if it's a firestorm or when it's getting so tough you feel like you need to run away. You don't run away without me, you don't leave me behind. You're on my team, you're with me. I don't need someone who loves me when there's no fight, anyone can love you when it's perfect. What if life puts me on a battlefield? And he runs away? THAT'S NOT LOVE! I need him to believe in me all the time, to trust me, to know I will be there anytime, EVERY TIME! That there's no doubt in my mind that he's beside me. Always by my side! You know how rare that loyalty is? That's love.
Boy: Oh my. That's amazing.
Girl: It is. The feeling is amazing! I know there's someone out there that will do anything for me, in any situation, they would even protect me until they can no longer move. I would do the same. He would look into my eyes and say to me, "Would you fight for me? Would you be here, and even when you might not be happy or a little sad, would you be human with me and preserve... would you take my hand when everyone has left me behind?" And I would slap him, and tell him, “How can you ever doubt me!” I would be with him until I can no longer move. BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!
Boy: That's so powerful, my god!
Girl: That's what love is all about. It's not about falling out of love. You fall out of love. You doubt, you create an illusion of false lies and false futures. Every green grass you jump to, is the same green grass.
Boy: What if those people did genuinely fall out of love though?
Girl: They thought they were in love. If you ever felt what I told you just now, that means you two were inseparable. You stopped meeting halfway, YOU did.
Boy: Unconditional love.
Girl: It's no secret, we're unstable. We fear and fly away. When it's not easy, we rather flee until we just settle. We need someone to tell us it will be okay, someone to stop me while my mind is in chaos, to remind me and look deep into my eyes, that everything will be okay!

Even though the night is still and quiet, it is the only time when the world outside wants to hear what you have to say inside. Even when you know the world is a cruel, conniving bastard, you have it in your heart to forgive all its sins for one more moment.

It gives you time to walk and swing on the streetlights within your thoughts, when no one is around, the patience of the night often makes time tick a little slower than normal. It’s your chance to recover for another day on planet Earth.

Excerpt from Streetlights By Michael Daaboul
I know I won’t spend another second with her. All that time before, lying there, I don’t even know her anymore. I don’t even know how she felt, or what we did. I don’t even know if I was looking at stars when I looked into her eyes or if I was sitting outside looking at the night sky. I don’t even know if I was following the lines on her skin or if I was walking to a place where I haven’t been.
Michael Daaboul
And during this night, often cold and miserable, you think to yourself why is it the only time you would like to converse with someone that isn’t there. Yet, you feel as if there is someone for you that could listen to what you have to say. But instead, you whisper the words to the Moon. It’s always outside your window, at any time, in any part of the world. It’s probably there, beside every window ready to hear what is no longer heard.
Excerpt from Streetlights By Michael Daaboul

My body can’t take it here, the gravity, the stress, the people and, especially the emotions. It takes a toll, so I’ll eventually die from this heaven and fade away into reality.

Within death, that’s reality she thought.

Excerpt from Castle Mountain By Michael Daaboul
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