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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

You can hold on, there’s no doubt you will. You can hold on as hard as you can, but nothing is going to change. All you’re really doing is holding on to the pain that you have created for yourself. It’s time to let it go.
Michael Daaboul
Anonymous asked:
hi mike, you seem like you know a lot about relationships, so much in your writing i can relate with... most people seem like they can reading it. i find it hard to find someone, i feel like i do all the chasing, any help with this?
You can feel it beating so hard it hurts and you feel like there are fingers crawling down your throat. It doesn’t have to be this punishing. When you sleep, you dream and all of your worries seem to go away. When your eyes are closed, you go into another world and for a moment, you can relax, when it feels like the weight of everything is being placed on your chest. It’s hard to rest, hard to sleep; hard to stay awake … it’s even hard to breathe.
Excerpt from Distant Thoughts (Revisited) By Michael Daaboul
What’s it like to kiss you again for the first time in the pouring rain? What’s it like to feel overwhelming urges to be with you? What would I feel when I turn your face towards mine and say you look beautiful? What does it feel like to see you smile again for the very first time? Will I faint when love happens between the touch of our enlacing fingers or will I wake up one day and realise after meeting a million hearts, that none of them stayed with me, like you did.
Michael Daaboul
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