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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

I like me and I don’t want to change. I’m afraid that something is going to change me and I’m not going to be the person that I once was, the person you fell in love with.
Michael Daaboul
Listen to your dreams. There’s nothing louder and more innocent than your unconscious mind. They’re your hidden, subdued feelings that you have tucked away in the most cryptic part of your memory. You can’t lie about what you see and the emotions you find, when you’re looking back at your dreams, they will always reflect what you truly feel.
Michael Daaboul
Anonymous asked:
I just noticed on your Twitter you also write little quotes that accompany your posts here. I didn't even know until I checked out your menu to find your Twitter page. Are you going to post the quotes on Tumblr too?

Three Sheets To The Wind

Roommate 1: Is this what you're going to do all day? Drink?
Roommate 2: I'm going out tonight, so I'm drinking now so I don't spend $100 at the bar.
Roommate 1: You do this almost every night!
Roommate 2: So?
Roommate 1: You always come back home drunk, vomiting everywhere, makeup smeared all over the place, skirt riding up your butt and with your heels off.
Roommate 2: Yeah, whatever, I don't make a fool of myself.
Roommate 1: Yes you do.
Roommate 2: I don't remember, I'm not that bad.
Roommate 1: Well, let's go out tonight then, while you're sober and observe all the drunken people. I want you to see how they are.
Roommate 2: I'm not like that.
Roommate 1: Of course you're not, you never remember. So it makes it okay. This is exactly how you are.
Roommate 2: Well, I enjoy it okay; it's really none of your business what I do.
Roommate 1: You know, it kind of is my business when you come back home like you have been through a blender. When you're depressed all the time and resort to alcohol to save your soul.
Roommate 2: It does save my soul.
Roommate 1: It saves nothing. It's like a drug, it's only temporary. You feel like shit afterwards.
Roommate 2: Good, I have a moment of peace.
Roommate 1: You would have more moments if you worked on your problems.
Roommate 2: I'll have more, if I drink more.
Roommate 1: That's cool, you can keep doing that. You can keep drinking and hooking up with multiple guys and come back home in a mess. You can spend the next day with a raging migraine and complain to your friends how your life is so shit.
Roommate 1: Keep doing what you're doing. I hope you wake up before it's too late.
Roommate 2: Whatever, just having fun.
Roommate 1: That's sad then if that's your definition of fun.
I need validation. I have come to realise that my own opinions and what I believe in are founded by what everyone else thinks. It makes sense in my head, all these thoughts that I think are right, are right if you think so. I love you, but it’s only right if you love me too.
Michael Daaboul
I came back home, I turned the lights on and I noticed you’re gone. I know that you have gone. I don’t know if you’re safe, or hiding, or running away from your fears. I don’t know what to do, when I’m thinking about how I can get to you. There are all these walls around me and I can’t get through. I sit here, thinking about thinking. I look up at the lights flickering, if I said and did the right things to make you feel better, would it even matter, would you even still be here?
Michael Daaboul
I remind myself today that everything is normal, I tell everyone who is worried that they’re fine. I wish I could tell my old self not to worry, if only I can jump back in time and tell myself that everything will be fine, that I don’t need these negative thoughts in my mind. I wish I had someone like me today, to tell my past me it’s okay, everything will be okay! Everything will be just fine … before the old me jumped.
Michael Daaboul
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