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Michael Daaboul. 26 y/o from Australia/Melbourne. Digital Designer & Creative Writer.

Generation Y

We’re a sad horse; we are disappointed with the world because our expectations are not in view with reality. No, we’re not lazy, but expect a lot. We’re ambitious, flowery and want fulfilment and meaningful relationships.

We’re green with envy of everyone else, some think their grass is always green, when we look over the fence, it’s a marvellous wonderland. Have you seen what’s in the shed? Everyone is just like you. They’re not sure what they’re doing, clinging to whatever hope they can muster, floating in the dark, can’t decide on what they want, always frustrated and annoyed at everything. No self-confidence or overly confident and miserable at the world.

Concentrate on the most important part; yourself. Stop looking over the fence, don’t look for distractions. Work towards YOU and don’t worry about everyone else.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Michael, I have seen the No One There quote you wrote on all of my friends' Tumblr feeds, and led me to your blog. I know it's so simple, but I love it. Because it's really true, like you're always there, like you wrote, and no one is there for you. It's like in my relationship now, I feel like I'm always there for him, but I feel like I'm not a priority. He will be with some other friend or a BFF. Supposed to be with me more often. Sorry for the long msg and rant. Love your blog, following!!

It hurt.

It was hard, but harder believing it was not the truth. You shall stand there and little by little you shall stop looking for me, as in time of my forgetting, I shall stop looking for you. I have passed through salvation; and know this my dear, my demons have departed.

You won’t be the same, no, you won’t be, and you were never supposed to be. This is your changing, this is the process and in the hour of your separation, no one was there to help you and there was no words that could save you.

Michael Daaboul
Anonymous asked:
I love the way you write and recently I have realized I want to pursue journalism, so you definitely are one of the people on this site who inspire me. I hope to write as sincere and vulnerable as you one day.
You remember back in the hospital, no one came to visit, you didn’t get a single message of concern and you experience another epiphany. Your mind is rushing and thinking about who is close to you, trying to fill in the blank canvases of those who have not asked about you so far. This feeling is not familiar to you any longer, it’s normal. Friends are not as close as they seem anymore and some don’t even know you’re in hospital, you go unnoticed.
Excerpt from Unnoticed Series of Events By Michael Daaboul
I don’t follow love around, it’s too hard and I can’t keep on my feet. I might not follow love, but I believe in love. Its voice sedates my mind but at times it shatters the magic from my dreams. Love tests me, it challenges me to grow, but as I go in deep, I fear the heights. In the sky, I’m vulnerable, but love knows all of my secrets. It knows how tender I am from the pain, it knows how often I melt, it knows when I bleed and it knows when I want to kiss your lips.
Michael Daaboul
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